AWS (Amazon Web Services)

EC2(Elastic compute cloud)
EC2(Elastic compute cloud)
AWS (Amazon Web Services)
What is AWS Amazon Web Services

AWS (Amazon Web Services)

AWS : EKS (Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes)

AWS : Creating a snapshot (cloning an image)

AWS : Attaching Amazon EBS volume to an instance

AWS : Adding swap space to an attached volume via mkswap and swapon

AWS : Creating an EC2 instance and attaching Amazon EBS volume to the instance using Python boto module with User data

AWS : Creating an instance to a new region by copying an AMI

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 1

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 2 – Creating and Deleting a Bucket

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 3 – Bucket Versioning

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 4 – Uploading a large file

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 5 – Uploading folders/files recursively

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 6 – Bucket Policy for File/Folder View/Download

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 7 – How to Copy or Move Objects from one region to another

AWS : S3 (Simple Storage Service) 8 – Archiving S3 Data to Glacier

AWS : Creating a CloudFront distribution with an Amazon S3 origin

AWS : Creating VPC with CloudFormation

WAF (Web Application Firewall) with preconfigured CloudFormation template and Web ACL for CloudFront distribution

AWS : CloudWatch & Logs with Lambda Function / S3

AWS : Lambda Serverless Computing with EC2, CloudWatch Alarm, SNS

AWS : CLI (Command Line Interface)

AWS : CLI (ECS with ALB & autoscaling)

AWS : ECS with cloudformation and json task definition

AWS : AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB) and ECS with Flask app

AWS : Load Balancing with HAProxy (High Availability Proxy)

AWS : VirtualBox on EC2

AWS : NTP setup on EC2

AWS : AWS & OpenSSL : Creating / Installing a Server SSL Certificate

AWS : OpenVPN Access Server 2 Install

AWS : VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) 1 – netmask, subnets, default gateway, and CIDR

AWS : VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) 2 – VPC Wizard

AWS : VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) 3 – VPC Wizard with NAT

AWS : DevOps / Sys Admin Q & A (VI) – AWS VPC setup (public/private subnets with NAT)

AWS : OpenVPN Protocols : PPTP, L2TP/IPsec, and OpenVPN

AWS : Autoscaling group (ASG)

AWS : Setting up Autoscaling Alarms and Notifications via CLI and Cloudformation

AWS : Adding a SSH User Account on Linux Instance

AWS : Windows Servers – Remote Desktop Connections using RDP

AWS : Scheduled stopping and starting an instance – python & cron

AWS : Detecting stopped instance and sending an alert email using Mandrill smtp

AWS : Elastic Beanstalk with NodeJS

AWS : Elastic Beanstalk Inplace/Rolling Blue/Green Deploy

AWS : Identity and Access Management (IAM) Roles for Amazon EC2

AWS : Identity and Access Management (IAM) Policies

AWS : Creating IAM Roles and associating them with EC2 Instances in CloudFormation

AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) Roles, SSO(Single Sign On), SAML(Security Assertion Markup Language), IdP(identity provider), STS(Security Token Service), and ADFS(Active Directory Federation Services)

AWS : Amazon Route 53

AWS : Amazon Route 53 – DNS (Domain Name Server) setup

AWS : Amazon Route 53 – subdomain setup and virtual host on Nginx

AWS Amazon Route 53 : Private Hosted Zone

AWS : SNS (Simple Notification Service) example with ELB and CloudWatch

AWS : Lambda with AWS CloudTrail

AWS : SQS (Simple Queue Service) with NodeJS and AWS SDK

AWS : Redshift data warehouse

AWS : CloudFormation – templates, change sets, and CLI

AWS : CloudFormation Bootstrap UserData/Metadata

AWS : CloudFormation – Creating an ASG with rolling update

AWS : Cloudformation Cross-stack reference

AWS : OpsWorks

AWS CodeDeploy : Deploy an Application from GitHub

AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS)

AWS EC2 Container Service (ECS) II

AWS Hello World Lambda Function

AWS Node.js Lambda Function & API Gateway

Amazon Kinesis Streams

Kinesis Data Firehose with Lambda and ElasticSearch

Amazon DynamoDB

Amazon ML (Machine Learning)

Simple Systems Manager (SSM)

AWS : RDS Connecting to a DB Instance Running the SQL Server Database Engine

AWS : RDS Importing and Exporting SQL Server Data

AWS : RDS PostgreSQL & pgAdmin III

AWS : RDS PostgreSQL 2 – Creating/Deleting a Table

AWS : MySQL Replication : Master-slave

AWS : MySQL backup & restore

AWS RDS : Cross-Region Read Replicas for MySQL and Snapshots for PostgreSQL

AWS : Restoring Postgres on EC2 instance from S3 backup

AWS : Scaling-Up