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Cloning a Database with RMAN (DATA GUARD Part 3)
Cloning a Database with RMAN (DATA GUARD Part 2)
Cloning a Database with RMAN (DATA GUARD) You can create a duplicate database using the RMAN duplicate command. The duplicate database will have a different DBID from the source database. There are now two ways to clone a database
Swapping (paging) for DBAs Oracle
Oracle DBA Hanganalyze ,system state dump,wait_chains Many times Oracle database get hangs due to locks or latching issue and Nobody can login to the system. It becomes critical and And Usually we do shutdown abort to immediately resolve the issue. But it is good to take system state dump/hanganalyze at 1 min interval to analyze the locking or latching issue afterwards before doing shutdown abort so that we can find the fix for the problem and avoid that in future.Oracle Support also usually ask for these when the database hangs for some reason
How to perform relink in Oracle Sometimes Oracle components may start giving strange issues like coredump or the Operating system is patched, In these cases it is always recommended to try oracle relink to resolve the issues.A Oracle relink is also necessary whenever you install a new release or a patchset or when there is a patch or upgrade to the OS environment.