mardi, mars 31, 2020
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What is app-ads.txt? Ads.txt is a text file publishers add to their websites, which lists the ad sources authorized to sell their inventory.
Useful Oracle RAC Commands: As Oracle Database administrator its your job to check rac status on your server, i know its little creepy when we heard about RAC,DG but its all about the command and how , when to use it ? !!! Sure you need to be careful when you are using commands such as “crs , Srvtl” and stuff like that .
MongoDB On the aws cloud Amazon DocumentDB (avec compatibilité MongoDB) est un service de base de données de documents rapide, scalable, hautement disponible et entièrement géré qui prend en charge les charges de travail MongoDB. Amazon DocumntDB est conçu entièrement pour vous offrir les performances, la scalabilité et la disponibilité...
Implementing Microsoft DirectAccess and NAT in the AWS Cloud Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides a broad set of services and tools for deploying Microsoft Windows-based workloads on its reliable and secure cloud infrastructure. AWS CloudFormation gives you an easy way to create the set of resources needed to run your application, such as Amazon EC2 instances from Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), DNS records from Amazon Route 53, and load balancers from Elastic Load Balancing (ELB). An AWS CloudFormation text template describes what resources you need. Then AWS CloudFormation takes care of the how: provisioning the resources in an orderly and predictable fashion and handling and recovering from any failures or issues
When designing and implementing large, cloud-based applications, it’s important to consider how your infrastructure will be managed to ensure the cost and complexity of running such systems is minimized. When you first begin using Amazon EC2, it is easy to manage your EC2 instances just like regular virtualized servers running in your data center. You can create an instance, log in, configure the operating system, install any additional packages, and install your application code. You can maintain the instance by installing security patches, rolling out new deployments of your code, and modifying the configuration as needed. Despite the operational overhead, you can continue to manage your instances in this way for a long time. However, your instances will inevitably begin to diverge from their original specification, which can lead to inconsistencies with other instances in the same environment. This divergence from a known baseline can become a huge challenge when managing large fleets of instances across multiple environments. Ultimately, it will lead to service issues because your environments will become less predictable and more difficult to maintain.
Amazon VPC provides multiple network connectivity options for you to leverage depending on your current network designs and requirements. These connectivity options include leveraging either the internet or an AWS Direct Connect connection as the network backbone and terminating the connection into either AWS or user-managed network endpoints. Additionally, with AWS, you can choose how network routing is delivered between Amazon VPC and your networks, leveraging either AWS or user-managed network equipment and routes.
Backup-Archive-and-Restore-Approaches-Using-AWS As a backup architect or engineer, you are responsible for backups and archive for your enterprise. You have to manage the infrastructure as well as the backup operations. This may include managing tapes, sending tapes offsite, managing tape drives, managing backup servers, managing backup software, creating backup policies, insuring the backup data is secure, meeting compliance requirements for data retention, and performing restores. Furthermore, cost cutting puts pressure on your budgets and, with business open for more hours, your window to perform the backup is getting smaller. These