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MongoDB On the aws cloud
You will find Arm versions of commonly used software packages available for installation through the same mechanisms that you currently use (yum, apt-get, pip, npm …). While some applications may require re-compilation, the vast majority of applications that are based on interpreted languages
Over time, Macie customers told us what they like, and what they didn’t. The service team has worked hard to address this feedback, and today I am very happy to share that we are making available a new, enhanced version of Amazon Macie!
Amazon Web Service Quiz
In the middle of a trans-Nordics trip in early March that took me to Denmark, Finland, and Sweden in the course of a week, Amazon asked me and my coworkers to work from home if possible. I finished my trip, returned to Seattle, and did my best to adapt to these changing times.
Inside MSP360 (CloudBerry) Managed Backup Service CloudBerry Explorer started out as a file transfer scheduler that ran only on Windows. It is now known as [126]MSP360 (CloudBerry) Managed Backup Service (MBS) and provides centralized job management, monitoring, reporting, and licensing control.
EC2(Elastic compute cloud)
By the Numbers The product suite is available via a monthly subscription model that is a great fit for the MSPs and for their customers. As reported in a [127]recent story, this model has allowed them to grow their revenue by 60% in 2019, driven by a 40% increase in product activations. Their customer base now includes over 9,000 MSPs and over 100,000 end-user customers
Sharing AWS Managed AD with Multiple Accounts
Examples of Sharing AWS Managed AD with Multiple Accounts

Once you create a Managed AD in an AWS account, you can share this AD with other accounts.

This is a common use-case when you have AWS Managed Active Directory in a shared services account that needs to be shared with other workload accounts.