Useful Oracle RAC Commands


As Oracle Database administrator its your job to check rac status on your server, i know its little creepy when we heard about RAC,DG but its all about the command and how , when to use it ? !!!

Sure you need to be careful when you are using commands such as “crs , Srvtl” and stuff like that .

*To check RAC STATUS ON OS :
Use :
crs_stat -t

*Check Node Availability :
Status nodeapps -n

*Check your ASM :
srvctl status asm -n

ok but i need to check database status how ?
*for Database status :
srvctl status database -d esxrac

And what about service for this database is it work fineeeeee :
* Database Services :
srvctl status service -d esxrac

And Finally
* Cluster Status :
crsctl check crs

As we see its all about command if you how to use it RAC will be easy otherwise don’t use it if you don’t know anything about it because it maybe destroy everything . BE CAREFUL

Where you Go its not the end , i need to check RAC inside the Database (SQL) :
lets Begin

I need to check Rac Instance if it works fine in normal database we use v$instance
here in rac just add gv$instance .
** select instance_name, host_name, archiver, thread#, status
from gv$instance ;

What About datafiles :
**select file_name, bytes/1024/1024 from dba_data_files ;

Getting the status of all the groups, type, membership :
**select group#, type, member, is_recovery_dest_file from v$logfile order by group#

But , Wait what about ASM we need to check it too :
To check ASM Disk :
**select group_number, name,allocation_unit_size alloc_unit_size,state,type,total_mb,usable_file_mb
from v$asm_diskgroup;

Information About ASM instance :
select group_number, file_number, bytes/1024/1024/1024 GB, type, striped, modification_date from v$asm_file



  1. emctl stop dbconsole
  2. srvctl stop listener -n racnode1
  3. srvctl stop database -d RACDB
  4. srvctl stop asm -n racnode1 -f
  5. srvctl stop asm -n racnode2 -f
  6. srvctl stop nodeapps -n racnode1 -f
  7. crsctl stop crs


  1. crsctl start crs
  2. crsctl start res ora.crsd -init
  3. srvctl start nodeapps -n racnode1
  4. srvctl start nodeapps -n racnode2
  5. srvctl start asm -n racnode1
  6. srvctl start asm -n racnode2
  7. srvctl start database -d RACDB
  8. srvctl start listener -n racnode1
  9. emctl start dbconsole


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